Common Injuries that Construction Workers Might Encounter

Construction workers everywhere are prone to falling from their ladders and records workers’ compensation. Accidents in construction sites could result in fatal and severe injuries due to the nature of their work. The simultaneous projects, moving objects, and heavy machinery, make the ideal setting for accidents or injuries to occur in working comp or construction sites. The OSHA has initiated strict rules to minimize the construction worker injuries, however, these kinds of incidents are prevalent until now. Below are some of the most common injuries encountered by construction workers: 

Fall injuries 

Falls, trips, and slips are typical injuries in construction areas all over the country. Staff might be working on a high place and fall to the ground fall because of weak support structures, unprotected edges, and some fall dangers. Injuries from falling from a ladder or scaffold are the most usual fall injury type.  

Hit or struck by an object 

Construction zones engage tools, equipment, and materials that continuously moves. And this can simply result in construction workers having injuries due to getting hit by an object. These cases might encompass a falling tool from a higher place, which could lead to serious danger, but death and catastrophic injuries could take place in other situations. 

Electrocution injuries 

Nearly all construction sites utilize electricity at every phase of the construction process. Though OSHA has rules to lessen the risk of being electrocuted, its risk is still prevalent nowadays. Electrocution injuries could result in muscle contractions, nerve damage, cardiac arrest, and burns. These incidents might be the outcome of faulty equipment or installation, failure to adhere to the safety regulations, having an unsafe work environment.  

Trapped inside or between heavy equipment or machinery 

Construction areas involve different kinds of machinery to transport and construct materials. Another typical compensation of worker injury happens once someone is stuck between objects that usually squeeze, compress, or crushes the trapped employee. These cases could be due to a heavy object that falls on someone, when a machine pulls in a part of the body, or when an employee got stuck against a wall by a truck.  

The claims of workers’ compensation are more complex than you can imagine. There are frequent clauses that order you to contact a legitimate company physician or restrict the number of times you need to look for medical treatment.  

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