Different Types of Septic Tank Issues

Your septic system is under distinct stress in the winter season. Holiday guests, snow, and cold weather could contribute to issues altogether, which could severely impact your septic tank. For you to stop these problems from happening, you should determine what the possible issues are. Below are some of the most typical issues that septic tanks could undergo on winter months and the things you can do to stop them: 

Compacted soil and snow 

Driving over utilizing your plow or car could compact the snow beneath your drain field or tank. These actions added with cold temperatures could turn the soil dense and compact. Once the soil over your septic tanks compacts, insulating your tank would be less effective and this results in a frozen system. Once the drain field’s soil compacts, wastewater wouldn’t be drained and filtered properly. To prevent having this problem, you need to aerate your soil before the winter season begins. Also, refraining from driving over these lawn areas works as well. 

Frozen tank components 

Snow and frost that goes deep into your septic system’s component could freeze the components and even the whole system. And a frozen component slows down the anaerobic bacteria rate in your septic tank, which means that waste cannot be broken down. Luckily, this issue could be prevented easily. Give your septic tank an insulating blanket or cover to it to remain warm during the winter season. The plants near your tank could also aid in preventing it from the cold. You can also aid to lessen the danger of freezing by using your system and running your water daily.  

Unfittingly functioning pipes 

If your pipes have clogs or leaks, they could usually result in wrong drainages. During the cold, leaks could make water to freeze, which can further damage your septic system. Moreover, clogs cause wastewater to gather in your pipes, with cold resulting in the freezing of your wastewater. Frozen wastewater could result in system damage and could contaminate your drinking water as well. To help prevent these problems, repair leaky pipes before the winter season starts and guarantee to address the leaks or clogs as soon as you observe them prevent enabling these issues to become worse.  

Trouble in pumping your tank 

Pumping your septic tank could be more challenging during winter seasons. The frozen, hard ground together with snow on your yard can make it hard to excavate into your lawn to get to your septic tank.  It is possible to do maintenance during winter, however, it’s more challenging and must be prevented if you can. If you know that your septic tank is getting full, it is vest to have it pumped right away to prevent future septic tank problems. To pump early prior to having a frozen ground would lessen the chance of needing to maintain your tank in the winter.  

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